MINT 2.0 is Upstream’s pioneering mobile commerce platform. It is connected to mobile operators in 45+ countries and has delivered mobile campaigns in 25 languages. In total, it manages more than 10 billion mobile interactions per year. Today, MINT 2.0 leverages this vast knowledge base with intelligent tools and innovative engagement mechanics to deliver >5% conversion rates to paid subscriptions, by far the highest rates in the industry.


MINT 2.0 is a carrier grade platform that has proven itself over billions of real-world interactions. It is easy to manage and scale, and has redundancies in every area of its design to keep it running at all times. Its monitoring and diagnostic tools can identify problems as they occur, whether on partner platforms or our own.


MINT 2.0 handles all interactions with consumers according to security protocols designed for the credit card industry. Specifically, we follow both PCI and ISO 27002 best practices, both in terms of hardware and network design as well as in regards to employee access and processes.


MINT 2.0 has been running 24/7 for over 10 years. In a marketplace full of startups, our platform and technical team have unparalleled experience: we routinely handle complex database operations on billions of records, we have identified patterns in thousands of different mobile contexts, and have successfully connected to every type of operator platform in existence.


MINT 2.0 is a fully hosted solution, set up and managed by our global team of experts. It offers our partners simplicity and speed to market, enabling them to focus on their own technology while monitoring Upstream's effectiveness, in real time. We operate on a performance-based business model, with no up-front costs.

Mint 2.0 Marketer

MINT 2.0 Marketer is Upstream’s equivalent of mission control. It provides all the tools needed to create intelligent mobile campaigns that maximise purchase rates. It manages over 10 billion mobile interactions every year and is designed to recognise and learn from the patterns it encounters. It integrates with operator databases to segment based on existing customer knowledge, but it also understands customers from how they interact: time of day, frequency and timing of interactions, the critical path they follow, the approaches that engage them, and even the vocabulary and syntax they themselves use. MINT 2.0 Marketer provides a range of advanced sales mechanics to engage different types of customers and drive up purchase rates in numerous ways. These include solutions for all our product categories. All draw on MINT 2.0’s engagement engine that uses competition, rewards, and personalised narratives to deepen customer engagement and drive purchase rates.

Mint 2.0 Connector

MINT 2.0 Connector is Upstream’s network integration platform. It connects our systems directly to our partners' (mobile operators and service providers) technical infrastructure, enabling third party services to run over our platform, customer data to be accessed where relevant, mobile campaigns to be executed and subscribers to be directly billed. It even provides interfaces that enable mobile operators to become a shop-front for authorised brands to sell directly to their subscribers. MINT 2.0 Connector is a carrier grade platform. It offers unparalleled scalability, security and fault-tolerance built on the experience of 10 years of continuous operation. MINT 2.0 Connector is currently integrated with over 60 mobile operator systems around the world. It has evolved to support hundreds of different integrations with operator communications channels and billing platforms, so new connections can be achieved quickly and robustly, whatever their complexity.

Mint 2.0 Analyst

MINT 2.0 Analyst is Upstream’s big data reporting platform. It visualises mobile campaign data to provide insights and increase future campaign effectiveness. It enables our customers to monitor what is going on in real time, or analyse and aggregate past campaigns long after they are complete. MINT 2.0 Analyst is designed to work with very large volumes of data, and can identify and visualise patterns at both micro and macro levels. It is highly versatile, allowing reports to be easily customised to suit even bespoke campaigns. This expert data analysis translates into increased impact now, and more intelligent mobile activities in the future.

Mint 2.0 Billing

MINT 2.0 Billing is Upstream’s smart monetisation platform, which integrates closely with mobile operators’ billing platforms. Our subscription micro-payment business model is dependent on frequent -daily, weekly, monthly- payments, drawn from the prepaid balance of the operator subscriber. MINT 2.0 Billing leverages our large volumes of data to maximise the charge success rate. Standard, non-optimised charge success rates in growth markets typically fall within the 10-15% range. MINT 2.0 Billing employs various optimisation techniques (direct integration to the operator top-up live feed, optimal time-/ day-interval charge windows, partial billing, credit-based billing) driving charge success rates to more than 50%.