Protection against carrier billing fraud.
Secure-D is a carrier-grade platform that combines machine learning algorithms with payment processing workflows to protect mobile operators and their subscribers against online transaction fraud.

Fraud diagnosis and fraud protection at your fingertips

Real time fraud prevention

Real time detection and blocking of bots, malware and malicious acquisition flows

Suspicious behavioural pattern detection

User behaviour analysis to block unwanted patterns

Billing clearing process

Purchase clearing process and final funds collection

Zoom in Secure-D

Zoom In Secure-D

AI algorithms

Detect fraud in more complex scenarios of combined threat signals

Data and signal analysis

Feeds into AI algorithms via regression analysis

Machine learning

Trains our AI algorithms to increase fraud prediction accuracy over time

Secure-D in Numbers


World-Class Reporting

Web-based reporting and analytics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Information is summarised into instantly digestible analytics that, at-a-glance, provide visibility into fraud drivers.

Apple Devices Reporting

AD FRAUD Blocking Rates

The performance of Secure-D has been nothing short of spectacular; in every single case the platform has been used, high fraud-blocking rates have been recorded.

Display rates as recently recorded

Fight fraud. Safeguard your business. Protect your customers.

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